Portable Field Charging Box for ISDT Q6 RC Charger

by Joey Sacco on December 08, 2018

Whenever my friends and I do charging of batteries in the field, or on a camping trip, the charging situation is always a very messy, oftentimes stressful experience. Different chargers, with different power supplies, charging different batteries and wires everywhere. Well, we decided to put this to an end. RC trips are supposed to be fun, and with one less worry, it makes each trip that much more enjoyable. 

We came up with a plate kit for any DIYer to purchase, and build their own charging box. We are starting with the ISDT Q6 charger because of its small footprint, easy to navigate menus, and ability to push 14 amps of charge power, for cheap! We will start by offering sing and dual charger case plates, and will offer others down the road as well. We will also add different charger plates so you can add a charger you already own, to the plate. 

We designed the kit with mounting brackets on the underside to keep your build nice and neat. We also incorporated slots, on the main hold down bracket for the Q6, so that wiring can be easily organized. Our configuration allows for input power from 110V or 7-30V input through the input banana jacks. 

As of this blog post, we have designed the plates to be compatible with Seahorse model 300 and 520 hard cases. These cases are made in the USA, just like our plates, and they are super durable, have great looks, mounting holes for plates already integrated into the case, and they come at a very reasonable price!

The charging plate offers a spot for:
  - Universal Power Plug, with Switch (Urbest L29)
  - Holes for Banana Jacks, both input and output (Pomona 72390-0 and 72390-2) 
  - Holes for a Balance Board (Apex RC JST-XH)
  - A Hole for a USB charging port (Any model that will fit 1-1/8" hole)
  - 60mm Fan Mount
  - Mounting Plates for ISDT Q6 Charger and a Voltage Regulator
  - Voltage Regulator (eBoot LM2598)

Though sourcing all the individual components may be cheaper, we will also offer our plates with ready to assemble kits, where the Customer only will need to purchase a charger, power supply, and associated cables and connectors to assemble their portable charging box. 

For purchase, check out the plates here!


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