School Bus RV Conversion Chapter 4 - Demolition

by Tegan Strautmann on May 07, 2014

Life tends to get in the way, A LOT. Before we knew it, nine months had flown by and we hadn’t made any substantial progress on the bus. However, that was all about to change.

First things first, we had strip the interior, all the way down to the galvanized steel floors. The obnoxious blue carpet was first on the list to go. Under the carpet was an inch and a half of padding used to protect the kiddos that were previously using this bus as a gymnasium. Not sure how I would feel about that if I was their parent. At least they were being safe I guess.

Beneath the padding was a thin layer of rubber which was adhered firmly to the steel floor. As you can imagine, removing this layer was no cake-walk. What is a cake-walk anyways? I’d love to participate in one.

We literally had to chip away small sections of the brittle rubber with a chisel and hammer until it was all removed. This took ample amounts of time, patience & help from our lovely neighbor and friend, Nyssa. Oh and beer. Beer turns the most heinous task bearable.

We thought for sure we’d be taking a trip to the dump, but since we cut and bundled the carpet into manageable sections, our trash crew kindly disposed of them for us. I should really bake them cookies for putting up with the infamous Joey & Tegan projects.


We did it!! Got all the way down to the base floor! We were elated to discover the floor had absolutely no rust under all those layers. Guess the galvanized steel really did its job for the past 20 years. Next was my ultimate favorite task, grinding away the adhesive so we could start fresh. Talk about a dirty job! I’ve never had so much dirt caked into my neck wrinkles. Yes, I just said that. I apologize for the visual.

Once this was done, we took a break because the knots in our backs were preventing us from standing straight. Plus, it was past the hour of peace, which is 10 pm according to my mom. She might have made that up though.


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