SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand
SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand

    SPIRE - RC Car and Hobby Stand


    Introducing: the RC Spire. This versatile stand was engineered to be the pillar of your RC collection. With its sturdy design, and simple construction and modularity, it is effortless to customize into a storage solution that fits your storage needs. 

    The main upright consists of a formed steel C channel, with holes located every inch, so that every shelf, or attachment, can be placed exactly where it needs to be. We have a number of available shelf options that can accommodate anything from 1/28 scale cars and trucks, up to 1/10 scale cars and trucks. 

    Along with a variety of shelving options, we also offer a fixed shelf, or a foldable shelf, so that the entire stand can fold virtually flat, for transport between the home and track or RC event. 

    Each upright has keyholes cut into them, so they may be mounted on a wall, or used as a freestanding unit, with the purchase of optional feet. If you would rather not permanantly attach it to the wall, we also off a wall-mounted docking station that can be attached to the wall. With this docking station, the Spire may be quickly clipped on and off the wall. 

    An optional foot tray may be installed within the feet to both stiffen the base up, and add more storage for a charger, batteries, or other gear. 

    The Spire is available in a number of different heights, so that it can cater to the exact need at hand. 

    - Powder Coated Finish (The main upright color may be selected. All attachments, feet, and shelves will come in a charcoal hammertone finish)
    - Heavy gauge steel construction
    - Stainless Hardware

    - Heavy Duty - This option includes a reinforcing strongback, welded to the backside, to increase strength and rigidity. It is highly recommended that a Heavy Duty option be purchased for heavier rigs, such as RC Crawlers. 
    - Color of Powder Coat - (Custom colors can be discussed, just shoot us a message!)
    - Attachments - Customize your Spire with modular attachments. All attachments may be seen here: SPIRE ATTACHMENTS
    - Want to place your logo on these, and sell them at your Hobby Shop, Maker Space or next event? Talk to us about wholesale pricing, and custom graphics or wraps.

    What's Included:
    - Main Upright, and associated shelving for the selected height (See below)
    - Stainless Hardware for Assembly

    What Size Should I Buy? Below are rough estimates for how much height is consumed, including a shelf. Please remember that your configuration may differ, depending on body, suspension, and wheel setups. These measurements are with bodies mounted. Keep in mind that the very top RC car only consumes around 2" of height on the Spire upright. 
      - 1/10 Drift/Touring - 7", including shelf
      - 1/10 Stadium/Buggy - 7", including shelf
      - 1/10 Short Course Truck - 10", including shelf
      - 1/24 Crawlers - 7", including shelf and Mini Crawler Cradle
      - 1/28 Z cars and similar - 6", including shelf and Mini Z Cradle
      - 1/10 Crawler - 11", including shelf and Crawler Cradle

    Details on Optional Heights:
    12" - This is a good height for 2 buggies, or drift/touring cars. It will hold 1 RC crawler or short course truck with another shorter car. Includes 2 shelves.
    16" - This is a good height for 3 drift/touring cars, 2 crawlers, or 2 short course trucks. Includes 2 shelves
    18" - This height is good to hold a larger vehicle, like a crawler in combination with a smaller car like a buggy or drift/touring car or 1/24 scale trucks. Includes 3 shelves. 
    24" - This is a versatile height and can hold. 3 crawlers or 3 stadium trucks. It can hold 3 stadium trucks or 4 drift/touring cars. Includes 4 shelves.
    36" - This is currently our tallest option, and can hold 4 1/10 scale crawlers securely. Due to it's height, it only comes in a heavy duty configuration, with a welded strongback. Our large feet are recommended for this height, unless it will be wall-mounted. Includes 5 shelves.